Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Month of Thankfulness: Day One - My Job

This Blog Series is inspired by John Scalzi over at Whatever.  You should probably read his version because it is guaranteed to be funnier and more entertaining than mine.

A Month of Thankfulness: Day One - My Job

Sometimes I have a hard time being thankful for my job.  In this modern US culture it often feels like failure to be working for my parents in a job that isn't in my field.  I have been known to dismiss it with "it pays for dancing".  But really there are a lot of things about my job that I have to be thankful for and when I am counting my blessings these are things that I really appreciate.

Since NaNoWriMO is stealing my ability to string together coherent sentence this is going to be in list form.

Why I am Thankful:

  • I am employed
  • I am paid a decent wage and have health insurance
  • I work part-time and have the freedom to rearrange my work schedule so I can travel for dancing
  • I set my own hours
  • My workplace has AC in the summer and heat in the winter
  • I work across the street from an excellent coffee shop and bakery
  • Since it is a computer store, I am able to maintain a near constant internet presence
  • Accounting often offers the opportunity to solve puzzles
  • I get to perform a variety of tasks, some of which aren't actually in my job description
  • I've learned a great deal about how to deal with "customer service people" over the phone
  • I've learned how to manage accounting systems and keep them balanced
  • I've learned new and interesting ways to create passwords for sites that require they change every 60 days
  • I've learned that as little as I think I know about computers, I know way more than most lay people
  • It's really exciting when I actually have the answer to a technical question
  • It pays for coffee and dancing
I possibly shouldn't write lists at almost midnight...

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