Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo 2011

General Stats:
Words Written Today: 4,018
Total Words Written: 16,561
Write-ins attended: 3
Words Written at a Write-in Today: 2703
Total Words Written at Write-ins: 5421
Cups of Coffee This Month: 10
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 0
Named Characters Killed: 3
Scenes I forgot to Plot Out: 1
Scenes Completed: 13
Scenes Written that I’m likely to Cut in December: 2
Random Ideas Generated: 6
Scenes that I need to Add: 1
Emotional Breakdowns: 1

Random Thoughts:
- Does it still count as a write-in if I was the only one there?
- Made up for one of the days that I slacked off writing, hopefully I'll get the rest made up soon.
- Had a good writing day until I ran out of steam.
- Wish I'd been able to make the Jazz Write-in
- This one character is trying to re-write his character arc, and I think I might just let him even though I can already tell that he's going to try to steal the spotlight.

Small Snippet of Novel:

     "Very well. Despite the prevention of an outbreak by the excellent biological security system of the Neurological Institute, it still leaves us in the tricky situation of minimalizing the damage that this incident could cause. We absolutely do not want the name of Senator Steinwick or the Senate itself connected with even the possibility of an illegal testing clinical test. Not after the last illegal clinical test that made the news flashes. We will have to carefully pick and choose which truths to share in the official release so that the trust of the people in the Senate isn’t eroded in any fashion.” Senator Wells looked around the room with his most piercing glare and dared the other Senators to disagree with him. “Now, let’s hear some thoughts on what the official release of information regarding the death of Senator Steinwick should contain.”

“I propose that there should be no mention of the location of his death. Let’s leave the lab completely out of it. We wouldn’t want the death of the Senator connected in any way to the minor incident at the Neurological Research Institute.”

“Say that he died of complications due to his previously undiagnosed his Rook-Jerrard’s disease.”

“No, mention that he’d been struggling with Rook-Jerrard’s disease for months.”

“Had he been struggling with Rook-Jerrard’s disease for months?”

“Doesn’t matter. We just need to tell the public that and he becomes a medical martyr.”

“You mean, politician beloved of the people succumbs to the degenerative disease that he never allowed to influence or hold back his dedication to representing the people?”

“Something like that. Do you think it comes to close to lying?”

“Not necessarily, it is an excellent embellishment of the truth though.”

“Did you even have any idea that he was suffering from Rook-Jerrard’s?”

“No, he was managing the symptoms quite well.”

“How much of it do you think was disguised by collaboration with his assistant?”

Esther let the flurry of voices brainstorming their ideas, and frantic questions wash over her in a wave of white noise.
Favorite NaNo-isms of the Day:

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