Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review: Rattlesnake Crossing

Rattlesnake Crossing is the sixth book in JA Jance's Joanna Brady Series. The mysteries that Sheriff Brady has to deal with this time around are the murder of an arms dealer (and his missing inventory), a sniper shooting farm equipment and cows, and a murderer who scalps his victims.

The mystery in this novel is both unique and compelling. I love the way that Jance builds suspense by putting us in the point of view of Joanna Brady and only giving the reader the information available to the Sheriff. It makes the revelation of the perpetrators that much more interesting.

In this book, the far more compelling plot lines are the personal lives of the characters. In particular, Pastor Marianne's storyline is particularly heart-wrenching. I also love the interactions between Butch and Joanna.
Rattlesnake Crossing was yet another fantastic addition to the series. When I was done, I felt the need to hurry and locate the next book!

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