Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading Updates and Writing Tidbits

I'm still plugging along reading A Mighty Fortress by David Weber. I'm three-quarters of the way through and finding this book to be an excellent addition to the series and a fantastic reminder of everything I love about David Weber's writing. I'll miss the book when I'm done reading it but I'm also looking forward to doing some lighter reading.

Here's some tidbits from a couple of my new favorite authors:

In this post, Gail Carriger discusses the characters Lord Akeldama and Madam Lefoux from Soulless and Changeless and the influences that inspired her to include such delightful queer characters and why she feels that they work in her Alt-History Victorian setting.

Here's a link to a lovely Interview with Blake Charlton that covers his struggles with dyslexia, his inspirations for Spellwright, and a little bit about his next book Spellbound.

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