Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thoughts on the New Facebook: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 Facebook has once again changed their layout.  Outrage is pouring out all over.  I've given it a few days of trial and here are my thoughts on the matter.

The Good:
  • The new Home page layout is much cleaner and nicer looking.
  • The Notications tab now has scroll functionality so that you can see all of your notifications when there are lots.
  • I like the Simplified buttons for new friend requests, new messages and the notifications.
The Bad:
  • The Bookmark bar at the bottom of the page is no more.
  • Navigating to Applications has to be done through the Home page and the bookmark functionality is severely limited compared to what we had before- 3 apps instead of 6.
  • Viewing only Status Updates or Content on the News Feed by Friends List is overly complicated and not very intuitive especially after the ease of the last version.
  • By default the News Feed is set to only display 250 friends chosen for you by Facebook
The Ugly:
  • The pop-up bubble for real time notifications now appears in the lower left hand corner
  • On lower resolution monitors some of the content frames appear with no side margin
  • Facebook itself seems to be even slower and less responsive...
  • The Online Friends list on the Home page doesn't show friends by Friends List (Also I don't see the point of only listing six online friends apparently chosen at random).  Nice concept but I think it fails a bit in the execution.
Overall, I think that I will come to like this new layout but I will definitely miss the bookmark bar.

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