Wednesday, February 17, 2010

January 2010 Writing Stats

Even though I didn't write as much as I would have liked this month, here's a summary of this month's writing.  Hopefully this will encourage me to do better next month!

Anita Blake:
Petty Observations (Crossover with BTVS) Any Age, Dawn Summers, Willie McCoy (118 Words)

Inevitable (Crossover with Trueblood) Any Age, Xander Harris, Eric Northman, Pam, (874 Words)
Petty Observations (Crossover with Anita Blake) Any Age, Dawn Summers, Willie McCoy (118 Words)
Starlight Musings (Crossover with Stargate SG1) Any Age, Dawn Summers, Clone!Jack (200 Words)

Stargate SG1:
Starlight Musings (Crossover with BTVS) Any Age, Dawn Summers, Clone!Jack (200 Words)

Inevitable (Crossover with BTVS) Any Age, Xander Harris, Eric Northman, Pam, (874 Words)

Number of Fics: 3
Words Written: 1192
Fandoms: 4

Original Fiction:
January Word Count : 1475
Total Words Written So Far: 7803

Chelsea’s ride home in the Public Hover Transport system was quiet and uninterrupted. It gave her time to think about the situation with the soon-to-be decommissioned Old Fashioned Library and the citizens protesting its destruction. The gathering had stayed small and non-violent much to the displeasure of the local businesses who would have been pleased to have an excuse for the Peacekeeping Forces to remove the crowd. She had left a message, similar to the one she had received, for the Beta Shift Senior Technician including the dozens of complaints that had now been submitted. Why are these people so opposed to progress? Books and libraries have no place in a modern society. I highly doubt that the Library Employees saw more than one or two people a week much less enough people to keep the historical building paying for its own upkeep. The Old Fashioned Library was built on was has now become a very valuable business location. A VR Center should have no troubles making a profit, much less supporting itself. Plus, surely the books themselves will be taken care of better be the private collectors? It’s not like the proposal was to destroy the books. Even though the matter seemed settled in her head, some small unidentified concern still bothered Chelsea about the issue in some back corner of her mind. She went through the motions of the rest of her evening; answering messages, chatting over the Net with friends and eating a simple dinner still thinking about the Old Library.

January Combined Word Count: 2267
Fics Written: 3
Fandoms Represented: 4

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