Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swinging Gypsy Weekend

This weekend was a big dance event here in Portland: Swinging Gypsy Weekend. Six great live Bands in three nights.

Friday night was the Djangophiles and Midnight Serenaders. The dance floor at the PPAA was full of people and the music was great!

Saturday night was Trashcan Joe and Swing Papillion. The bands didn't have quite the same energy as Friday night and the mix of dancers was very follow-heavy. Saturday was also the Jack and Jill competition so we got to see some really great dancing.

Sunday night was Kung Pao Chickens and Bridgetown Sextet. The Kung Pao Chickens were so-so but Bridgetown Sextet is easily one of my favorite local swing bands and there was a good crowd that came out to see them. Since the regular Sunday night dance was just across the street at Lenora's Room this week, I split my time between the two dances so I could see all of my swing friends.

Gypsy Swing music is either really fast or really slow so this weekend I really learned to love Balboa! It may never replace lindy hop in my affection but it comes a close second. The only bad things about this weekend is the dreaded cough that I managed to pick up from somewhere and the lack of sleep that has left me super tired.

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