Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meandering and a Book

 This weekend sped past.  On Saturday I went to a Lindy Hop Workshop with Syncopated Rhythms at the Tango Berretin.  I really enjoyed the section on swing out variations and stylings.   The hops and slides were also fun to learn and practice.  I was a bit disappointed by the workshop on tricks and dips which was primarily on jumps.  I knew most of the jumps, though they did teach some interesting variations on the standard jumps and toss outs as well as a new and interesting dip. Plus after having an ankle injury, I just don't find jumps that fun or interesting.

Between the workshop, my regular dances and the Olympics; my reading post this week is just my current book-

Emerald Sea by John Ringo
Yep, I'm still working on this one.  I'm a bit less impressed than I was with the first book in the series, so far.  I'm sticking with it because the writing is still very good and I still have some hope that the author will work in some more character development.  The characters are a bit stagnant so far and it is driving me crazy.

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