Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sample of my Favorite Dance Styles

There are some dance styles that I mention fairly often because I go out dancing a lot and take workshops to get better.

Lindy Hop is a fun energetic dance that encourages improvisation and musicality. It's commonly danced to Jazz music of all types.

Here's a video clip from two of my favorite pro dancers, Laura Keat and Nick Williams:

Balboa is related to Lindy Hop and evolved out of the need to dance in smaller, tighter spaces when dancing became more popular in the 1930's and 1940's.

Here's an older clip from local dancer and owner of the Vancouver, WA Swing Dance, Russ Bruner and partner, Susan Kane:

Blues is a new favorite of mine and is done to a different variety of music. The emphasis in Blues is less on the steps and more on the movement, the music and the connection with your partner.

Here's a selection featuring a variety of Blues styles:

Events Coming up in Portland:
Thursday April 29th: Pete Krebs Playing Live at the PPAA hosted by Portland Lindy Society
Saturday May 1st: May Day Spring Time Swing Celebration (A.K.A the One Year Anniversary) at the Vancouver Ballroom
Saturday May 22nd: Pajama Jam at the Tango Berretin hosted by Syncopated Rhythms
Wednesday-Thursday May 26-27th: Harlem Hotshots Workshops Followed by Social Dancing at Scottish Rite and Paradise Studios hosted by Stumptown Dance

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