Monday, April 26, 2010

How Do You Like Your Steampunk?

O.M. Grey (omgrey) on Twitter posted a link to this fantastic Steampunk prosthetic leg:

Skimming the comments, someone brought up that something they didn't get about Steampunk was the tendency towards the non-functional.

"Steampunk tends to be pure aesthetic value under a thin veil of pseudo-technology. It's sort of contradictory in its nature. A love of old style technology while lacking it completely (for the most part).
Again, I understand the point you're making. It's for looks only, I get it. Still, again, if that were my interest I'd probably insist my stuff works (perhaps like that one fellow who makes steampunk style computer keyboards. Style that actually DOES something at the same time.)"

This started me thinking about the nature of Steampunk. Is Steampunk just for show? How much of Steampunk styling is purely aesthetic? Due to the Do-It-Yourself and individual nature of Steampunk, the answer probably varies completely from person to person. Personally, I do find myself drawn more to the functional aspects of Steampunk. Here are some examples of Steampunk gear that have caught my eye recently:

Photoshoot with the Prosthetic Leg

More Goodies from the Same Artist (Mostly Non-functional pieces but still very cool.)

Computer Case - The flicker link is to an album with a full variety of shots including close-ups and in progress shots.

Steampunk Guitar- The site linked to is the project page with step by step photographs. Very neat!

Victorian Organ Command Desk- The link has a few more close up shots that make it clear that this is pretty much the coolest desk ever.

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