Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Restaurant Rave: Petite Provence on Division

Petite Provence
4834 Division St
Portland, OR 97206

This was my first time eating at this restaurant and I was positively charmed. The atmosphere was open and inviting. The seating area was nicely decorated in dark blue and yellow with clean lines. The tables were a hair close together for walking comfortably between them but they were far enough apart that you could hold your own conversation just fine.

The service was excellent and prompt. We were greeted at the door and quickly seated. Our orders were taken in a timely fashion though we were given plenty of time to converse and deliberate on the menu. The wait staff was equally attentive during our meal, checking in and refilling water glasses regularly. As someone who primarily drinks water in restaurants, it is a blessing to find places that don't give you a glass of water and forget you exist.

The food was fancy sandwich fare. My order of a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich was simply superb. One of the highlights were the caramelized onions, yum! Another plus in my book were the side options offered: potato salad, fresh fruit, or side salad. I love restaurants that don't offer french fries, and the fruit was a major bonus!

On the other side of the doorway from the seating area was a cafe and bakery. Before we left, I made sure to peek in at the dessert and tasty treats. There were some truly lovely French pastries that I will have to find a time to sample because they looked that fantastic. I will definitely be eating there again!

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