Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 2832

Total Words Written: 16043

Write-ins attended: 5

Words Written at a Write-in Today: 2831

Total Words Written at Write-ins: 6828

Cups of Coffee: 7

Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 2

Named Characters Killed: 1

Number of Airships: 4

Scenes I forgot to Plot Out: 1

Scenes Written that I'm likely to Cut in December: 2


  • Wish I'd gotten 10K done this weekend but 6K isn't bad!
  • This novel has eaten my brain. Seriously.
  • Finally got my explosion in!

Small Snippet of Novel:

There were a few noticeable wing beats and then a large explosion was heard. Oliver's eyes widened, "That shouldn't have happened. I have to go, they're going to need my help in the engine room. I'll be back when I can." Oliver rushed out of the room and took the stairs three at a time up to the engine room and grabbed the fire extinguisher at the entrance before cautiously entering unsure of what he would find. Oliver saw his cousin and fellow apprentice staring in shock at a fire growing every second around the steam engine. Oliver shoved his cousin away from the fire and initialized the fire extinguisher terrified that he wouldn't stop be able to keep the fire from reaching the aether tanks which would at worst, cause the Valor of the Sky to explode, and at best would deplete the aether stores completely and leave the ship and the crew plummeting to the ground to probable injury and death.

NaNo-isms of the Day:



Can you guess what words these were supposed to be?

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