Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 1991

Total Words Written: 6151

Write-ins attended: 2

Words Written at a Write-in Today: 1504

Total Words Written at Write-ins: 2597

Cups of Coffee: 2

Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 1

Named Characters Killed: 1

Number of Airships: 3

Scenes I forgot to Plot Out: 1

Scenes Written that I'm likely to Cut in December: 2


  • Apparently, I want to write a novel more than I want to learn to Salsa Dance
  • Banjos are really distracting on their own, but live celtic and folk music is actually pretty good for my writing speed
  • Wine appears to have an adverse effect on my ability to produce words
  • One of my Main Characters is being uncooperative. She is refusing to decide to kidnap another main character and get the plot moving.

Small Snippet of Novel:

Since the town was nearly on the edge of civilization, there weren't very many merchant houses that sent Trading Ships out that far. Minerva shrugged her shoulder, it was the loss of the other Houses since, as the one of the few ships that traversed that far west there was a great deal of profit to be made for the Hawk Family. Towns that saw Merchants Ships as rarely as the Frontier towns did were always glad to spend money on the trade goods being offered; either as a taste of the exotic or a familiar relic of a former life. Either way it was profitable for the Hawk Family and the trade goods that the Valor of the Sky picked up in the Frontier towns sold equally well in the height of Civilization. Assuming that the Airships Pirates didn't interfere too badly with the trade routes, of course.

NaNo-isms of the Day:

Sockier, abthes

Can you guess what words these were supposed to be?

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