Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 1937

Total Words Written: 4160

Write-ins attended: 1

Words Written at Write-ins: 1093

Cups of Coffee: 1

Named Characters Killed: 1

Number of Airships: 2

Scenes I forgot to Plot Out: 1

Scenes Written that I'm likely to Cut in December: 1


  • Copy novel progress over from Google Docs before heading over to a new location for a Write-in. My laptop doesn't always play well with new wireless networks.
  • I don't write or plot very linearly.
  • Writing in Coffee shops makes me want to drink far more coffee than is advisable.

Small Snippet of Novel:

Minerva Chadwick nee Hawk leaned against the railing at the stern of the Hawk Family owned and operated Merchant Airship, the Valor of the Sky watching the steam-powered metal wings rise and fall and twist to a new angle to direct the Airship in the desired direction. The mechanical clink, plink, grinding and whir of the wing mechanism were a oddly comforting and familiar sound to a woman who had spent more of her life aboard the Hawk Family's small fleet of Merchant Airships.

NaNo-ism of the Day:


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