Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Post Feb 23- Mar 1

 This week I was able to get some quality reading time in:

Emerald Sea by John Ringo

This is the sequel to There Will Be Dragons which I absolutely loved.  I posted a bit about this book along the way. I still felt the loss of the character development but in the end it didn't really detract too much from my enjoyment of the book.  I was a bit more miffed by his treatment of formerly strong female characters, especially Daneh and Rachel, who were given tasks that took place far from the action in a side plot line that kind of trickled into oblivion.  Also a thorn in my side was the several chapter dragon training montage that didn't really bring anything new to the theme of dragon training.  I suppose that it was set-up as an echo of the focus on the military training that Herzer received in the first novel, which would make it more interesting as a literary device. But it did just sort of halt the momentum of the novel which was set as a journey compared to the previous novel's stationary setting in a city.  However, the novel was almost entirely redeemed by the numerous and exquisite combat sequences.  How could you pass up a great naval battle with mermaids, krakens, and swimming dragons?  Emerald Sea didn't capture my heart like it's predecessor but it was still overall a good read and I look forward to picking up the next book in the series.

Also included in my paperback edition was a short story in the same world about a young woman, Megan captured by the other side and forced to join the opposite leader, Paul's personal harem.  The general topic was an old clique but the writing and character development was superb.  Ringo was successful in portraying a strong young woman forced to make difficult choices and her changing options and motivations.  I hope to see this new protagonist play a role in future books in the main series!

High Five by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum's wild adventures continue!  This time with odd jobs for Ranger thrown in.  This book's guest oddling was a midget whose door was destroyed when she apprehended him, so he lives with her while she tries to find a missing relative and find a job that fits her skills in Ranger's wide range of opportunities.  Number of Cars Lost, Stolen or Destroyed: Three.  But the Buick is still fine.  Favorite minor character: the Teenage Sheik.  This book made me laugh very hard.  

Shadow's Edge by Brent Weeks

Sequel to Way of the Shadows.  I really enjoyed reading this book!  Each of the main characters was given strong motivations that made their actions make sense in the scope of the character development and movement.  I love that even though Kylar was trying to give up the life of a wet boy he just couldn't because he kept seeing people that the city would be better without.  And that for the sake of his friendship with Jarl and Logan he is willing to give up his dream to return to his former home and use his skills.  The scenes of Logan in prison, being stripped down to his most elemental self were also amazing in their realism.  I can also appreciate the set-up of the conflicts that will need to be resolved even though it was cruel to be left there!  I'm definitely looking forward to acquiring the next book.  Brent Weeks also gets bonus points for being a fellow Oregonian (Not that I knew until after I finished this book)!

Currently Reading: 
Wolf Hunting by Jane Linskold
Fifth in her series, Wolf.  Firekeeper, Blind Seer, and Derian are off on another adventure.  So far another fabulous book from Linskold.  The third book of the series was so-so but everything else has been amazing.

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