Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stop the World I Want to Get Off

Now that I'm a tad bit calmer, I think I can say a few words about the crazy that has infected my life.

I met a friend at the Dollar Tree at Eastport Plaza on 82nd. We wandered the store for a bit and then left and drove around in her car for awhile. Leaving my car parked in the lot there. When we got back, I got directly into my car and drove off. I knew that I took the turn out of the dark lot a bit sharply and rolled over the curb.  As I was driving home I noticed that I could hear air through the passenger side but just thought that it wasn't closed properly.

So when I walked around to open and reclose the passenger door, I saw a giant gouge from the rear fender to the front passenger door.  I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee so I'm basically hyperventilating: the curb was not that tall...  I walk inside and babble incoherently at my Mom until she comes out and confirms that it is indeed not a curb that my car hit.  She comes up with the working theory that someone hit it in the parking lot trying to pull into the next spot over. (Dad's contribution was: You get to call the insurance company. and This is a great start with a new insurance company.)  So I got to put in the claim with the insurance company which was relatively painless. 

I was still pretty unsettled and I posted something on Facebook and within like 30 seconds my best friend had called and was on her way over to walk around the neighborhood and talk and settle my nerves.  She also helped me not look at my car as I returned home!

So this morning, I went over to the store to see if any of the employees from last night were there and had seen anything and at the corner of the entrance to the lot was a large decorative boulder that had been rotated out of place and was surrounded by orange cones and construction tape.  I pretty much felt my stomach drop.  I parked and walked over to investigate.  It was pretty clear that the boulder had been what "hit" my car.  So now I feel really exceptionally stupid. 

The insurance agent called back this afternoon and was very nice and very helpful.  So far the process has been relatively painless.  But is it cynical to believe that it isn't going to last?  I expect things to get very interesting once they see the damage.

My emotions have been absolutely everywhere today and last night.  Currently, I'm back to numb but it's the emotionally exhausted kind of numb instead of the borderline shocky kind of numb that I was last night...which was probably more closely related to hysteric...

And here's my mini rant:
Who decorates the corner of a parking lot with boulders?  When did nice small out-of-the-way trees go out of fashion? 

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