Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Post Mar 2-8

This Week's Reading:

Wolf Hunting by Jane Lindskold

She has really hit her stride with this series! We get to see more of her incredible world-building and learn more about the magic system of her world as well as follow most of our favorite characters from past books into a new adventure! And at the end it is set-up for long story arc of new adventures with plenty of directions for the series to take.

Tombstone Courage
by JA Jance

The second book in this series follows newly elected Sheriff Joanna Brady on her first days on the job with a fresh murder and a major mystery. The book was well written, though I had guessed the major plot point early on, it was still enjoyable to find out how it would be revealed and what else was going on with the major players in the mystery.

Shoot Don't Shoot by JA Jance

The third book in the series follows Joanna Brady to a Law Enforcement Training Class outside her jurisdiction with a local case to look into as a favor to a friend. This book was fun to read and kept me guessing. The characters were easy to connect with and make me want to read more. It was disappointing to me that the next book wasn't on my shelf, especially since the one after was.

Mind Snare by Gayle Greeno

This one was a re-read of a book that I had read several years ago. Glenn and his mother, Jerelynn, are the star actors in a traveling Acting troupe on the Satellites on Earth. Glenn is the secret child of Jerelynn's affair with a well-respected religious ma. Because of the affair, the man's wife tries to murder Jerelynn and only fails because Glenn and a friend preserve Jerelynn's mind in an illegal "brain box" when it is clear that her body is dying. During my first read of the story, I didn't really notice the presence and the implications of the Brain Box but this time I could really appreciate the horror of it. They took an active woman known for her grace and physical abilities and cut her existence down to life as just a brain. Trapped, utterly reliant on other people... Aside from scientific horrors, this story is full of action, intrigue, and betrayal. It was definitely worth a second read to really get the nuances.

Currently Reading:
Songmaster by Orson Scott Card
I had forgotten how beautiful his writing and worldbuilding is. That is all.

Other Current Distractions
Story Lottery on LJ is currently posting! I wasn't doing enough writing to justify signing up but I've been lurking and commenting. There have been some great stories in fandoms that I don't watch carefully.

Big Damn Rewatch on LJ - because everyone should watch Firefly over and over like I do! First episode was this past weekend.

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