Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revisiting: Bloodshot by Cherie Priest

My first read through of Bloodshot left me feeling very disappointed having really enjoyed Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century Books.  Earlier this week was the release of book 2 in the series, Hellbent, which prompted me to give Bloodshot another try.

I found that I did enjoy the narrative voice.  It still bothered me that the voice of Raylene sounded more like a modern woman than a vampire from the 1920's.  But the character voice didn't jar me out of the reading experience like it did the first time around.  Even though I really enjoyed my second read through of Bloodshot, I'd still hesitate to recommend this book due to my initial experience.

I already have Hellbent waiting to be read and I look forward to seeing more of the characters, especially Adrian/Sister Rose.  I certainly hope that Hellbent makes a better first impression than it's predecessor.

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