Sunday, September 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo Preparation Sept 25

I have a full, though very basic outline that takes me from the beginning to the end of the story with a couple of options for the epilogue.  It turns out that there will be four viewpoint characters despite my assumption and expectation of five.  I wanted five but right now everything seems to flow pretty smoothly so I’ll leave it as it is for now.  Even though I have the events set out, some of them are only tenuously connected to the viewpoint character at that point so I will have to figure out where the pieces fit together.

Current Brainstorming Progress:
  • Outline goes through the basics from Beginning to Ending
  • Identified Two Possible Outlines
  • Have identified and named 4/4 Viewpoint Characters
  • The Viewpoint Characters have clear motivations (but not much else)
  • Done some basic World-building
    • Settlement Structure
    • Institutionalized Hierarchy
    • Basic Outbreak Procedures
I feel better about my ability to churn out at least 50,000 words on this project and can look forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know my characters.

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