Friday, March 4, 2011

My Crazy Book Fort

After a month long unscheduled hiatus, I'm back to blogging. In honor of the event, I present to you the craziness that was my day off: A Book Fort! This undertaking was inspired by Amanda at Floor to Ceiling Books and grew from there.

My partner and crime and I started big and kept going!

We had leftover books after the last complete round and decided to improvise!

There were still more leftover books so we kept improvising...

We were more than a little worried that my furry supervisor would decide to "help" us build the fort but luckily; he checked out the fort, decided we were crazy and couldn't even be enticed into the fort for a picture. The end result completely emptied the family bookshelves, is organized by size of book, and fits two chairs and a small table.

In the near future, the fort will have to come down and be reorganized and put back on the shelves, though before that happens there may be a few more iterations of the fort.

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