Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Fort #2

Since all of the books that live in my house are already out, my partner-in-crime and I decided that we might as well make another book fort. This time we chose to go for the classic tower design.

We made the area of the fort smaller so that it could be taller.

Having already sorted the books by size, building the second fort went much faster!

Somehow the top edge of the fort began to slope a bit, so we doctored it with some of the slimmer books until it was approximately level.

It worked, for the most part.

The completed fort was a most satisfactory height!

It looked very nice from the back!

And on the inside! Though it was suggested that the titles should have been on the inside so that you could sit in the fort and read the titles. Either way, book fort building has been great fun and we're looking forward to being able to allow ourselves to actually looking at the books and being able to decide to read them!


  1. I think you have too much free time, sis ;)

  2. Well, I have to do something when I'm not dancing!