Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing the Book Collection

I was sad for the book community upon hearing the news that Borders was going out of business.  Personally, I'll quite likely feel the loss very little:  Barnes & Noble had already driven Borders out of my immediate area and works rather well as my primary bookstore (with Powell's as a farther, more adventurous option).

However, the closing sales at Borders has given me the opportunity to go a little crazier buying books and open myself to new authors and ideas.  I'm financially able to buy a variety of books from authors I haven't read yet in the SFF section and explore a fresh section of the store: the History Section.  My last trip to Borders yielded a hefty collection of books that are remarkable in their variety.

A Sampling of History:

  • The American Civil War
  • The 1920's
  • Modern Day Kabul
New SFF Authors:
  • MD Lachlan
  • Michael Stackpole
  • Stacia Kane

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