Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bringing a Touch of Steampunk with Me

Since I had to pass on attending PDX GearCon, the first local Steampunk Convention, in order to attend my sister's wedding (as a Bridesmaid, no less), I chose to add some Steampunk touches to my attire.

To go with my very blue dress, I decided with the advice of a very good friend to choose bronze shoes and clutch.  The clutch started out with a very prom-like sparkly decoration which I promptly replaced with something possessing a bit less sparkle and a bit more personality.

Knowing that it was to be an outside wedding in late July prompted the purchase of a parasol and matching fan.  I didn't get to use the parasol much but my Aunt sure appreciated it!

I also consider a fan to be a must have item during the summer.  I prefer to use a flatter wooden fan but the lace worked very nicely for a dressier occasion.

And finally the shoes!  It was an absolute chore to find a pair of bronze shoes without a stiletto heel.  However in this pair of flats I was definitely the most comfortable member of the bridal party.

All in all it was a nice wedding and I had fun accessorizing!

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