Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Spring Project!

Spring has brought with it the opportunity for a fun new project: growing my own vegetables!

There are many reasons that prompt me to start my own little garden:
  • Fresh vegetables make up the majority of our grocery bill (Don't get me started on the grim reality that ingredients for healthy food are way more expensive than processed junk!)
  • Convenience
  • The excitement of watching the little plants grow
I started my first batch of seeds in the kitchen window.

The Second Batch was started outside a few weeks later. I really expected to have to replant the seeds due to a late frost, and heavy rains flooding the seed pots.

So imagine my surprise when I checked on the pots and found a few little seedlings coming up!

I love Spring! More about my little vegetable garden in the months to come!


  1. I enjoyed reading about your fledgling veggies. I hope there's a tasty, happy ending for you and your family. I think my vermicious knid would chomp on any attempted plants I might try to grow. I always wanted to have a thriving little garden with a cute, curbside cart to sell extras. Too much time spent in England. Mmmm, nothing like fresh peas eaten raw out of pod...

  2. You'll laugh at me: for the veggies in the window I got so excited about planting them that I forgot to label which was in each pot. I have to wait for them to grow to identify them!