Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: The Clockwork Man by William Jablonsky

The Clockwork Man is the tale of Ernst a clockwork man created and put in service as a servant for his master's family. He falls in love with his Creator's daughter but his real adventures begin when tradgedy strikes his master's family. The Clockwork Man is presented as the journal of Ernst written for academics that will never actually get to see what Ernst has written. The Clockwork Man follows Ernst as his discovers what it means to be himself, he struggles with his sense of identity as an individual and property to be owned and the dichotomy that that creates. Ernst learns a great deal about both himself and humanity. Ernst learns a great deal about both himself and humanity.

I was surprised by the journal format of The Clockwork Man since I hadn't seen any reviews and had only seen that it was from the perspective of a clockwork invention. At first, I was disappointed by the journal format but as I continued to read it brought the characters to life in a way that might not have been possible using another style of writing. I loved the emotions given to Ernst and the way he reacts to his changing reality. I really enjoyed The Clockwork Man and would definitely recommend it to others.

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