Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SteamCon Preparations

I'm getting super excited for SteamCon (even though their system won't let me purchase tickets for special events because it can't find my order number...) and am getting prepared with a whole new costume. My first big sewing project ever...

I chose a full set of patterns from Truly Victorian.

First step is the Petticoat, pattern #170. Currently Complete; pictures to come later.
Next, the underskirt, a lovely Fantail Skirt; Pattern #225. Currently In Progress.
Next, the Overskirt, pattern #326. Not Started yet.
Finally, the bodice. I plan on doing the lower square neckline with 3/4 sleeves. Not Started Yet.
So this is what I'll be doing over the next month or two. Plus knitting a shawl, putting together a new fascinator, going to the Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree, Swing Dancing at least two nights a week and National Novel Writing Month in November. I have my work cut out for me!

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