Friday, October 1, 2010

Abney Park: Circus at the End of the World

My first foray into Steampunk music was the Abney Park concert in Portland last Saturday; and it was Awesome!

If you haven't heard anything by Abney Park (and you should), their music is kind of like a hybrid of bellydancing music, celtic, and rock. Strong beat, lots of energy and featuring some atypical instruments: Violin, Harmonica, Banjo.

Between sets there were performances by hula hoopers and fire dancers/eaters. The fire dancers were thrilling and definitely entertaining.

As much fun as I had, I learned a few things too:
1) Dressing Steampunk is great for going out on the Town. Pockets are way better than carrying a purse.
2) Wearing heels to a venue that you haven't been to is a Bad idea.
3) I've become a dance snob. Drunken flailing is equal parts entertaining and horrifying.
4) Having a fever and going out to a concert in a bar is a very bad idea.

All in all, I will definitely look forward to hearing them at Steamcon!

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